30 March 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday and a bag of soft

Good morning.  Wednesday already. I love a short week, only another day for me and its the weekend again!

Today I am working on the Autumn Cardigan by Kelly Brooker (pekapekapatterns), another pattern which Kelly is giving away for free.  I really like Kelly's patterns, so well written, and as her free patterns only come in one size, you are tempted to buy the full patterns which come in multiple sizes and yarn weights, should you want to knit again  I like her style.

The yarn I am using has been languishing in my stash for a while - Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok in a crushed raspberry shade. I may change the sleeve on this as I'm not sure I like the puffed effect, it may however be too late for that but I will have a fiddle and see how it turns out.

Whilst rummaging through my stash I found a bag of roving(!?) and a drop spindle.  I made a failed attempt at spinning a while back (see top right, more thick than thin), not really my thing I'm afraid, so it went in the back of the cupboard.  I need someone to do something with it for me!

I still have plans for an Ellen cardigan for me.  The yarn sits waiting with the pattern.  But the requests just keep coming in for Miss J, she is a delight to knit for and as the projects are small, quick to do, I really don't mind.  I also need to make up a few items for the new baby which is due in 5.5 weeks, time is flying by.  Of course it could be late so maybe 7 weeks who knows.


  1. Don't give up on spinning! It takes a while and I'm still learning. But I can think of a good home for that roving...lightweight, not too expensive postage...

    1. good try Liz, have a friend who I may ask to spin it up for me, or I may just put it away and try again when I have more time. I get too impatient, thats my problem!

  2. Have you ever tried needle felting with roving? I find that to be fun. I made a couple of hats.

  3. The red yarn looks very pretty with those buttons spilled out. Nice picture. :-) I also love that pattern. I made one a few years back in two colours. It was pretty cute. Kelly does have a lot of gorgeous patterns. I'll admit I have quite a few of them. I just need some grandkids to knit them for now :-)

  4. Be careful Sue the baby may come a little early and then you'll be in a knitting frenzy.
    I love that colour too!


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