16 March 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

I'm being naughty (for me) this week, I have 3 WIP's on the go.

The first photo I am calling Emergency Hat - my eldest text me yesterday to say she had lost her hat and her head was cold!  I no longer had any of the grey yarn I used but had this grey tweed aran weight, the pattern I am using I got from Deramores website - its a Phildar pattern called Bobble Hat. Lets hope she likes it

The second is for Miss J, the pattern is Hine is a Girl and the yarn is Louise Harding Jesse

and finally a Cat Cushion  for Baby R - I'm making this pattern up as I go, based on a photo I found online but couldn't find the pattern - photo on Ravelry link also

I am enjoying being on Instagram, I need to try and get to grips with all the hashtags but other than that Ok.

It'[s been a good afternoon for gardening and got quite a bit of clearing up done. Busy busy. Well that's it from me today, need to get on with that hat


  1. Well, all of your WIPs are lovely, even if you are being "naughty". I especially love that red!

  2. #sueisknittingthreethingsatonce


  3. You have been busy,I 'm looking forward to seeing the finished results. I think just the thought of the hint of spring is making us eager to get on with things.


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