7 April 2016

Getting to grips with a new skill

Last night I finally got to grips with the drop spindle , a friend from our monthly knitting group kindly showed where I was going wrong and I spent the evening making some thick/thin yarn for a while, but I seem to be getting better at pulling it out and it is slightly more even.  10 minutes practice this morning turned into 20 minutes..... time certainly slips away quickly. I will now keep at it until I have something that resemble something I would want to knit with.

I have completed a little cardigan for the new baby.  Its Ode to Pinstripping by Kelly Brooker (PekaPeka). I used Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok, which had been knitted up and ripped out previously, so it was a bit crimpled.  Another problem I noticed was the change over from my main circular to the smaller Hiya Hiya for the sleeves, you can really see my change in tension.  I am hoping that it all evens out in the wash.

I have another small cardigan on the needles, another of Kelly's patterns - Emma Asked.  I'm using some Zettl Cortina 4ply - 80% wool 20% nylon - in a black/grey/white mix.  Photos to follow when there is enough to photograph.

I am enjoying using Instagram, and am sharing some of my previous knitwear to a whole new audience.  Pop over and  have a look.

In other news Miss J has chickenpox, bless her she seems ok, but getting spottier, but is happy with the calamine lotion look!


  1. Ooo Poor Jess. Hope all is better soon.

  2. Poor Miss J, hope she doesn't suffer to much with her spots. I've heard here that chicken pox is making the rounds again. I like the colour of your little cardigan.


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