14 April 2016

Knitting - on and off the needles

Another week has gone by since I last posted.  I honestly don't know where my weeks go!

What have I been doing this past week?  Well, Friday I picked up the boys for the weekend, we had a fun day, making the most of getting out in the garden in between showers, playing with trains and lego when inside.  Those boys would play with lego all day if you let them!

Saturday, the girls and I went to the Aqua Sana Spa at Woburn Centre Parcs.  We had a wonderfully relaxing day, doing not much at all, just dipping in and out of the pool, steam rooms and just generally lounging around and chatting.  We had a very jolly pedicure, it was fun that all 3 of us got to have our treatments at the same time in the same room, much hilarity ensued - most of it at my expense. Peter and Stu managed the children, spending the day at Wimpole Home Farm, sounds like they had a good time.

Sunday, after we dropped of the boys off for a party, we picked up Rachel and Jess and spent the day mucking out the cars..... cleaning up the buggy...... making a cushion seat cover and a peg bag.... generally ticking things off Rachel's "things to do before baby" list.  I think she is feeling a bit more in control now.

Onto the knitting - I have completed a body warmer for Jess and picked back up a cardigan for the baby. Made 2 snuggly bunnies for the boys - one as an alien - no photos of these completed

The body warmer is the Per Body Warmer pattern from Millamia . I used Stylecraft Special aran with wool for the main colour and oddments from stash for the colourwork.  I added the hearts to make this a bit more girly, especially as its in navy. I also did the armhole bands narrower as I think the ones on the pattern look too bulky.  The cardigan is Emma Asked by Pekapeka.

Photographs in no particular order......

trying to coax the chickens to eat the food they made

Miss chickenpox face

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