17 April 2016

Weekend - waiting for it to warm up

We woke to a hard frost but bright and sunny, unlike yesterday's rainy day.

Whilst I am waiting for the garden to warm and dry up a bit, I thought I'd share some photos I played around with on Friday while Jess was napping (and it was raining). But before those.......

Rather than stay home yesterday and watch the rain we went down to London for our quarterly Ikea/Costco/Green Lanes trip.  We took Rachel and Jess as they really needed to go to Ikea and Stu was on a bike ride (mad or what).  Jess was sporting her new body warmer, and even if I say so myself she just looked so cute in it.  You see girls don't have to wear pink - she is also wearing her bead necklace that we made on Friday, as was Pops. I think he was very brave walking around Ikea in a necklace don't you?!!

Anyway back to the photos from Friday,

Right must get on, a few shrubs to move today, and it sounds like the washing machine has finished.  Enjo your Sunday.

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  1. Jess looks great in those colours! I like how it is now perfectly acceptable to have little girls wear something other than pink, yellow or white. As an adult I would be very sad if I was expected to wear pink rather than blue. But I must admit to falling back into the "old ways" a bit when I knit for the little girls. Your husband is a very good sport. And I think you are incredibly brave to do both Costco and IKEA in the same day. I do so every once in awhile and I am completely knackered by the end of the day.


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