22 June 2016

WIP's & FO's

Life is pretty busy again, So what's new.  We are trying to get out for a good walk each evening, which is cutting into my knitting time, but I need the exercise and its good to be outdoors. Especially now I have my hay fever under control.

This week we have lost two members to our family, firstly our laptop who gave us many good years of service, its replacement is on order.  Secondly, was Sylvie, one of our Goldline chickens, only just over 2 yrs but she has looked poorly for a while and not laying in ages or if she did they had no shell. We found her tucked up under the nesting box yesterday.  Scruffy looks a bit perplexed and keeps chasing after the cat for company!  We will try and get her a couple of new mates by the weekend.

I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment. A shawl that I am making up as I go along and Hundreds by Pekapeka.

The finished project is Composite also by Pekapeka

On a different note - the veg garden - rabbits have disseminated the cabbages, slugs are eating the beans and courgettes, and a mole if tunneling over the entire patch, only good thing there is its turning over the soil!!  We have decided to give up veg gardening and just buy the the plentiful veg stalls around us.

That's it for today, hope you are all finding some sun, its really in short supply around here.


  1. I'm down visiting my mom and finally have had time to check up on my favourite blogs! I absolutely love the colour of your shawl. And I saw the finished Hundreds on Facebook today - very cute! Sorry to hear about your poor chicken. I wonder what could have been wrong with it. Odd that it was laying eggs without shells. I have a constant battle with the animals and insects here too in my veg garden. It's maddening.

  2. We decided to give up with our veg patch last year, it was beginning to get frustrating and we do have a wonderful farm shop just up the road so we are having lots of freshly dug vegetables, just not from our garden.
    What a shame about your chicken, how strange it was laying eggs without shells.
    We're trying to make the most of the light evenings and walking when we can but like you I'm loosing my knitting time.
    You continue to surprise us with lots of new little garments though, very nice.
    Sun here, intermittent today, rain has held off since 10am.


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