31 July 2016

July in pictures

July, where did you go?  I know I have said it many times but the months just seem to whizz by.

July, what did we do in July?

Day Trip to London

New Girls

Rufus lost his first tooth

Lion Brand Feather & Fan cardi for Jess

Hats for Baby Boothroyd


Laurie's taster for starting school in September

Rufus' sports day

Day at the coast

Heatwave (temp in the shade)

Bunny for Angus - meet Stanley

Miss Jess showing off her curls

A weekend walking and cycling

Cardigan for Gus (here with Aunty Beck Beck)

Laurie had a birthday (4)

Jess and her crew
Colour in the garden

Burghley Film Festival

as always the knitting isn't far behind

and finally


  1. SO glad to share in all the moments at lease through you lens!

  2. Looks like a busy month! The mouth sculpture is wild. Are there different ones around town? We had cows in Chicago years ago and our Florida town has variously painted sea turtle sculptures. Love the knitted bunny!

  3. Yes, where did July go?
    Lovely pics Sue and you can see you had some fun July moments.

  4. I enjoyed your post. Nice moments for you with the children and adults at film Festival . Beautiful knit's and hats then baby at the beginning to the end. Plus the girly with all those beautiful curls. Where does time go. Almost summer over. Your flowers beautiful. Oh that knitted Bunny how wonderful for the child. Thanks for sharing Sue your moments.


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