18 August 2016

Knitting - something for me is done

Two and half weeks of knitting and I'm finally done.  So so happy with the end result.  Lots of lovely comments on Facebook and Instagram, thank you.

Here are some of the photos hubby snapped before work yesterday.  The pattern is Ellen by Amy Christoffers .  The yarn I used was from Aldi - Kirkton House Craft Aran - £4.99 for 400 gram ball, this used less than 2 balls, and the fairisle work was done in an assortment of yarn from stash.  So a lovely cardigan for around £10.  So happy with the fit.  I added 2" to the length and 1" to the sleeves. If I made it again, and I might I would do 3" on the length.

Well its back to baby clothes for me for awhile


  1. That's lovely. I think this pattern would also work as a shorter one, too, stopping at waist length.

  2. It turned out great, Sue. The length looks perfect to me. Now you just need to wait for some cooler weather so you can wear it. :-)

  3. Your cardigan is beautuful Sue and really worth all the work.It looks really good on you. I agree with you about adding extra length next time but that is beacause I prefer longer cardis. Looking forward to seeing you wear it during the cooler and cold months.

  4. Love it. It turned out so pretty. So nice that you made something for yourself; you make so many things for others.

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