27 September 2016

Life gets in the way

I feel like I am taking three steps forward and two steps backwards right now.

I have been busy with the requests for Baby B, altering sleeve lengths on my growing grand children's knitwear - they are long and skinny.  I have a request for a couple of hats for a friend going through chemo, a scarf and hat for my eldest daughter, a cushion with a dog on it for Rufus, and the list goes on.

Dealing with the continuing glut of runner beans and then there is the autumn clear up in the garden - no idea when that will start, childcare - that's a pleasure, eldercare and lots of decisions - not so.

Knitting is the only thing I feel like I can control right now, I have the list and I'm working through it, no deviation

These are my recent finished projects

I lengthened the sleeves on this for Jess

 The sleeves and length on this one for Gus

I am still working on Jess' coat but that is going slowly, but its something I just pickup and do a few rows as and when.

Time to cast on a new project.......


  1. Knitting is a great thing to have control over. Giving the works of your time and love, all so beautiful, is such a great outlet.

  2. Just dropped by to catch up with you and lovely to see you have so much knitting on the go. Hectic here, for one reason or another and certainly not feeling I'm Supergran at the moment but hopefully I'll be back soon.


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