12 September 2016

Walking around the Tarn

Peter and I like to walk and its always a challenge to try out the local walks, especially when the instructions are in French!!  We used a very good book which was well laid out and had maps too.

All the walks we did started at various points in St Antonin, we also combined some of the walks making for some interesting days.

Our longest walk was just under 14 miles. We always started out early so as to get most of it done before it got too hot.  The terrain was varied with a lot of the walks going up to an altitude 340 meters.

We met some varied livestock along the way

We also went cycling, not so great for me, even with my new bike some of the hills defeated me, and  a lot of pushing was done!! Our longest ride was 25 miles, best bit was the very long hill on the way back, though taking my feet off the pedals wasn't the greatest idea

We also ran across a Vide Grenier (empty attic) - no bargains to be had, just didn't fancy the goat foot coat racks

 So that was our French holiday 2016, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


  1. I may have enjoyed it more than you did. I didn't have to push the bike, just enjoy the photos.

  2. The previous comment made me giggle. we were thinking on the same wavelength.
    Seriously though, your holiday looked wonderful and I can tell by your photos and writing you did have a lovely time.

  3. Your energy amazes me! Glad you did it so I didn't need to! You seem to have had a great time. How did you choose where to go in France?

  4. Some really amazing photos here! I'm jealous :P


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