22 November 2016

Our Autumn away

Southwold -we are just back from our annual trip to the Suffolk coast .  As usual I left a little bit of my heart there, just to make sure I go back.  Lets face it there is no fear of me not, having been every year for the last 51 years.

As its November, the weather was mixed.  Beck and the boys joined us for the weekend, and Rachel and her two were with us until Friday afternoon.

This was the Friday afternoon we arrived

Then Saturday - cold and it ended up raining - hard!

Sunday was glorious

Monday - grey day

Tuesday - cold and rainy

Wednesday - amazing morning turning cool and grey in the afternoon

Thursday - grey and showery

Friday morning - sunny and cold

 Friday afternoon - just us two

Then Saturday - an early walk to watch the sunrise before packing up to go home

I'm really not sure how many times I have taken some of these views, 100's I'm sure but I never get tired of them.  Until next year.....,