1 December 2016

December is here already

Goodness this year is racing past.  Can you believe 2016 is nearly done?

How is the Christmas shopping going?  I am actually doing ok, managed to do some of it online or one of my elves has helped out. Still stuff to do, but not feeling under pressure.

The puddings are made, the cake is baked and being fed, so still need to marzipan and ice that.

I won't be sending cards this year, as I plan to make a donation to Dementia Research. Our mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and with all that entails (its been quite a stressful few months), I feel that my money will be better spent on helping people with this dreadful illness, too late for her but if it can help others then so be it.  I'm sure you will all understand. Life is very different for her and us and it takes some getting used too.

Knitting has helped take my mind off things for a while, someone asked if I was a human knitting machine the other day!! Ok, I do turn over a far amount of stuff but as they are mainly baby things they don't take long.

This is what I have made since I last blogged about it - ok that is quite a lot

We had the boys last weekend, which was fun, lots of activities in the garden and park -

Love this photo of my handsome husband xxx
so that was our November.......


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis, Sue. It's such an awful thing, for both the person who has it and their loved ones who must deal with it. Is your mom still living on her own?

    Your knits are all wonderful, but I especially love the striped hat and matching sweater.


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