23 January 2017

for a friend

On Saturday I received an email from a friend.  One I wished I'd not had to read.  In that email she asked that I gave my husband an extra smile and to have some extra fun with our grandchildren, then to post some happy photos.

My heart aches for this friend and her family, and to be honest smiles weren't that abundant for a while, but small children have the ability to lift ones spirits.  We had a good weekend, tiring yes, as it would be - the first time the 3 older ones had stayed without their parents.

These two shared a bed on Friday night.  I won't tell you how many times I went up to them.  Ended up with me sitting in the room until they finally went to sleep.  They did managed to sleep til 6:20

It was a cold weekend, but these two were happy playing in the garden with Pops, whilst Rufus stayed in the barn with me.  We did sort all the Duplo and Lego, with him making up all the sets.

Laurie took a fancy to Pops' hat, in fact it went home with him.  He wore it most of the day, and must have been very hot inside - loving the matching JD overalls

Gus came with his parents the collect Jess on Saturday afternoon, and joined in the fun for a while

Sunday was a beautiful COLD day.  Laurie and I decided to go out for a walk, to check out the frozen puddles and lakes. We had a lovely walk, he never stopped talking the whole way round.  Goodness that child can spin some tales, no problem with his imagination!!

This photo popped up from a year ago, those plastic boxes featured then too, look how tiny Jess was

So dear friend, I hope these photos lift your heart for just a moment - stay strong. Big hugs to you all x x


  1. I'm sorry you had such a challenging email from your friend. I've noted the same thing as you. Grandchildren are wonderful for lifting one's spirits, even in the midst of the very worst things happening around us.

  2. What a super weekend: and the successful pose & smile from your Duplo boy is just too cute :) xx


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