16 May 2017

On the move

After 18 years in this house we have finally decided it is time to move on.  This house needs a full time family, not just us two 60+ rattling around in it.

It has been a lovely place to live, the garden and garden room (barn) will be hard to leave. Both have given us so much joy over the years, and the garden room has lent itself to a wedding, parties, christmases, and a perfect playroom for the grandchildren, we will miss your space.  But time doesn't stand still and we have our future to look to, lots we want to do and places we want to go before we are too old to do them.  So 2017 will be a year of changes.

If you are in the market for an old house (1910) with lots of further potential, like gardening, then this is the place for you - our house  - the outdoor space is perfect for young kids to let off steam.  We do have 2 families interested, but they still need to sell so it remains on the market until one of them firms up their bid.

We currently haven't decided what we will buy, we have our eye on a property but feel that until we have a firm offer we won't view, its a scary place to be and maybe the reason I am writing this post at 4:30 in the morning!! I am also finding keeping tidy a frustration and it eats into my knitting time.  I actually realise how little housework I do seem to do when knitting!!!  Is that a cobweb oh well it will still be there tomorrow........

I'll keep you posted on developments


  1. How stressful for you! Having to keep it 'showhome' tidy is soooo hard, at least it was for me (I'm definitely NOT a domestic goddess! :D ) I hope you sell soon and get back to knitting asap!

  2. It's such a mixed bag of emotions when you decide to sell your home and downsize. Excitement about the future, stress about the present (both keeping the house perfect for showing and the wait for a buyer), some sadness about saying goodbye to a place you love, and, most likely, having to part with some possessions. All I can say is, having gone through this four years ago, it's worth it once you come out the other side. Fingers crossed you are able to sell quickly!

  3. If you take the cobweb down today another will be in it's place tomorrow, so you may as well leave it be, save your energy and that of the spider, who after all is trapping insects for you and disposing of them organically.

  4. Oh goodness, what an exciting, yet nervous-making decision! Good luck to you on the house sale and finding the new, perfect place. I can relate to how you feel. Our 1903 house feels too big at times for just the two of us, and all the stairs seem like a daunting prospect as we get older. I'll be interested to follow your house adventure!

  5. Wow! I just clicked on the link to the estate agent's site. Your house is absolutely beautiful. It looks bright and cheery and comfortable. Bet it'll sell quickly.


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