3 June 2017

How can it be June?

Another month has rolled round, I think its really is true that time goes faster the older you get!  So what have we been up to since last we met?

Well knitting of course.  I made another shawl, couldn't decide on a pattern, so just used bits from several.  I had started out to make a Holden shawl, but used the wrong sized needles,  rather than rip it back I ploughed on making this.  It needs blocking, but we have viewers this weekend.  The house, is still on the market, we currently have 2 offers from people that need to sell (so frustrating), though had 2 viewers yesterday and 1 today, all of which are sold, so fingers crossed this is the last weekend of staying tidy!!

Elderflower time, 2 batches of cordial on the go, just love the smell

Foxglove time too and the iris is looking lovely.  One great patch has come up blind again this year, not sure why, a shame as they are usually beautiful

We are seeing a lot of this little man now his mummy is back at work.  He is nearly walking, such a happy little boy, who turned 1 on 11 May, time really does fly.

Granny I'm not sure which hat to wear!

Today we are off to Ickworth Wool Fair, held at the National Trust property Ickworth House near Bury St Edmunds. We plan to take a look round Bury first - they have a good Saturday market.  I'll be sure to share any purchases.  Have a great weekend


  1. You're not the only one who's surprised to see it's June already! Fingers crossed that this weeks' house lookers turn into buyers. That would be perfect since they aren't in a position where they have to sell their homes first. I had forgotten how close in age your youngest grandson is to my Oliver. It's a fun age, except for the fact they seem to share their germs. :-)

  2. Walking? already? Time is indeed going by so fast.
    Hope you have a great day at Ickworth.

  3. Such pretty colors in the yarn. Hope you get an offer from the new viewers. I'm in the process of selling my mother's condo right now. Got so lucky; people down the street want it for their daughter. I'm in the clean-out-the-house phase. Whew! Just love your foxglove. I need to plant some!


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