24 June 2017

What to keep, what to throw?

With the house sold and a new one purchased - subject to contracts; our thoughts go to sorting out.

We have been in this house for 18 years and have accumulated a lot of "stuff".   As this move is a downsizing exercise I am slowly doing that.  Its funny how your taste changes over the years, add to the fact we currently live in a house built in 1910 and we are buying one built in the late 60's, they are very different properties.  What suits this house just won't look the same in the new.  I also feel a need to lighten our life.  Out with the ornaments not that I have that many, out with the dark furniture, I want light and clutter free.

The house that we are buying needs some major updating, remodelling, new boiler, kitchen, carpets, curtains, shower room, storage.  Loads of wallpaper to get rid of - elderly lady lived here - we even have a stair lift, that is coming out once everyone has had a ride on it!! We have our work cut out. The bonus of working in a kitchen design studio means I have a ready army of trades to call on, and I have 3 kitchen designers to help me choose the right units/appliances for my kitchen.  The trouble there is I keep changing my mind about what I want.  Its hard when surrounded by kitchen displays and door samples all week!

The garden is small in comparison to what we have now, but with some conifer/overgrown shrub removal will be a space we can use and hopefully enjoy.  Its a lovely sunny garden and I look forward to making it our own.

We seem to have had a fair bit on recently and my knitting really has taken a back seat.  I have been working on a sweater for Gus for weeks now and making very slow progress.  I have actually completed the front - below - and am half way up the plain back, just as well the weather is warm so he won't be needing this anytime soon. Don't ask about my Mdina cardigan that's not been out the bag for ages.

Last weekend we went to a concert at Blenheim Palace - Jamie Cullum, Corrine Bailey Rae and Gregory Porter.  It was such a lovely day for an outside event and a very enjoyable concert apart from the people that feel they need to talk all the way through.  Why?  When I go to a concert I come to listen not chat!

Sunday we whizzed up to Stamford for Rufus' 7th birthday. 7 can you believe it, time certainly does fly.  We had a great day and a major water fight, I did manage to stay reasonably dry, but no photos.

No plans for this weekend other than to tackle a few more cupboards and tidy the garden a bit.  We don't have a move date yet but I feel I need to make a start rather than be rushed and end up moving stuff we don't really want.  Have fun whatever you are doing.  Until next time

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  1. Congratulations on the sale of your house, and the purchase of a new one! It can be daunting to undertake a major downsizing, but I can say from experience it is also very rewarding, and in a way very freeing. When I was downsizing before our big move in 2013, as each load got hauled away to the charity shop or the garbage I felt lighter. The funny thing is I never think about or miss all the stuff we got rid of. If I wasn't sure if we would need something in our new place my inclination was to get rid of it. I figured it I could always buy the item again if it turned out there was a need for it, and that way I wouldn't have to find room for tons of stuff we might use some day. As I sit here writing this I can't think of a single thing I got rid of that I've had to repurchase.


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