29 August 2017

Making the most of the weekend

What an amazing holiday weekend it has been, 3 days of wall to wall sunshine, and the forcast is for more to come.  September seems to be summer most years now so at least something to look forward to and enjoy, though the nights are drawing in fast.

After two days of sorting and packing - still plenty to do - we gave ourselves a day off yesterday and went for a cycle ride into St Ives, then on to Hemingford and met some of the family for a drink and a chat.

I had a wander around the garden when we got back to check out the state of play with the apples - there are lots

There is also plenty of colour too

Looking forward to seeing what we have in the new - very much smaller - garden, not long now

1 comment:

  1. Lots of apples! I had none, but happy with all the peaches we did get.
    Will be so much fun to see the garden you create in the new place. Are you digging up a few favorites and taking them with you?


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