25 August 2017

The saga continues

Whoever ranked moving house up there below bereavement got it about right.  This past week has been frustrating and emotional in more ways than one.  Wrangles over a completion date between the two parties below us, then when finally everyone is ready to exchange a solicitor goes awol.  I guess he decided he'd rather slip away early for the holiday weekend.  We are now left waiting til Tuesday, but at least have a moving date of 14 September, though can put nothing into place until exchange has happened.  Sigh.

Here's a picture to make you smile, this child knows no fear

There is something else that we have been keeping to ourselves, our eldest daughter and her family are heading for pastures new, starting a new life in France.  You can follow their adventure here.  We will be sad to see them go, but plan on spending as much time as possible with them in France to help them achieve their dream.  As you can imagine that would be hard with us both working, so to that end we will be retiring at the end of October and making good use of our time both there and at home (we have so much to do on our new place!).  I'm trying hard not to think about them being in a different country.  If they had moved to Scotland or right down in the west country it would take as long to visit them.  I guess we have just got used to them being 45 minutes away.  I know that lots of people have families spread all over the world, so France is just a hop across the channel, or rather under, don't do boats!

My knitting has been going slowly whilst we try to sort and pack up the house, but I have got my Mdina cardigan finished.  I have also cast on the first of 4 Christmas sweaters for the grandchildren, that should be fun!  I have made all the "bits" for them all whilst waiting for the yarn to arrive.  I'll share as I progress.

So that is our news for now.  I hope you all have a great holiday weekend, looks like the weather is going to be good.  We will be sorting and packing, then finally getting round to an afternoon tea which we were gifted last year, I think we deserve it after the week we've had.........


  1. Oh Sue, so much change all at once. When I saw your daughter's announcement on Instagram of her family's plan to move to France I immediately thought of you. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them, and I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time there with them, but as a grandparent it has to be hard to see them move farther away. I hope your lawyer gets things finalized for your house sale next week. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. And your sweater is lovely!

    1. As you say, some much all at once. We will just be glad when everything is done and dusted and life returns to the NEW normal x

  2. The NEW Normal will be just fine. Different, but just fine. This I know with all my heart.


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