28 May 2018

All things woolly

Looking back over the recent posts it appears that I've made no mention of any of the knitting I've been doing since the start of the year.  Its not been a lot compared to other years but there has been some.

I finally got my stash cupboard sorted and can now see what I have.  I really shouldn't be buying any more yarn for some time....

These are the projects that have found their way off my needles

Balaclavas for the boys

for Claire

Holden shawl for Rachel

Easy Street shawl

Shawl I made up using odd stitches and
using Northern Lights yarn

Saroyan scarf using WYS Aire Valley Fusion aran

Yarn purchases from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Ten stitch blanket using WYS Aire Valley Fusion aran

for Jessica - using Stylecraft Special DK -
pattern Stylecraft 8980

Ode to Pinstriping - for Sara
Another Ten stitch blanket is currently underway.  This one is for Gus.  I'm using up blues and greens from my stash for this one.  It is chunky weight, I use as many strands as I need to get 7 wraps per inch. I'm a bit anal about completing each round in the same colours so have to judge my quantities carefully, not so easy as it gets bigger

I also have the yarn to make Gus a new hooded cardigan but as yet to get that one started.  So much yarn so many possibilities......

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  1. Now I know why your 10 stitches always looks so neat and tidy. Slap in the forehead moment for me.
    That's a lots of knitting considering renovations in two countries and all the travels!


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