20 May 2018

The Garden

For the last few weeks we have been concentrating on the garden, I shared with you the before photos at the end of my previous post. We have dug a mountain of roots and stones. Existing plants have been moved around. Two new seating areas created, and lots of new plants installed, with more to come.  I never seem to come home these days without a plant or two in tow.  How I wish I'd taken more from my old garden

Lots has been going on outside........

just a few of the many

second trip to the garden centre

start of a herb garden to the side of the house
Old family bench installed in a quiet corner -
lots of perennials added here can't wait for them to
get established

The wrought iron from the old glass doors does duty as
 trellis.  A huge Choisya was cut hard back here, and is
now starting to sprout back (thank goodness),
same goes for a rampant clematis and honeysuckle

Old and new - I've since added lots more perennials

This area is still a work in progress -
there will be grass back to the fence

There is now a small veg patch to the left of this shrub
and I've started planting around the small patio
That's where we are in the garden. I've also planted up a border of roses in the front garden and there is an area to grass seed there too, but I'll save that for another day. It will never be as grand as Station Rd, but once done will be more than enough and easy to maintain before and after we go off on our travels.

Next up will be a knitting update, until the next time

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  1. I feel all kinds of achy muscles just looking at all that work. But so very worth it! Just lovely.

    {and it's way past time for another set of red sneakers on your header photo!}


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