29 July 2018

Busy times

this past week we have been busy here at Chateau de la Ruche. Lots of gardening, trips to the lake and to the local garden centre and brocante. We’ve had two birthdays, visitors, bbq. It’s been fun.

The weather has finally cooled down enough that’s its pleasant to be out in the garden without breaking out in an instant sweat!  The new gravel was put down yesterday afternoon so now covering the work that was undertaken to put in the new fosse (Septic tank). Once the grass had grown back it will look as good as new. The back borders have been replanted, and apart from one which still has some temporary pipework in look good. Again once these fill out they should look great.

Peter and the boys have been fishing the lake, catching Rudd, their biggest todate, landed is 12”.  Of course bigger ones have got away!!!

The photos are in no particular order as I struggle to do this post on my iPhone. Blogger is struggling to cope with a 3g connection. The photos are crazy there are duplicates, and the spacing is bad, apologies but I can’t get to them to sort! 

2 Aug have logged on to home pc and now all tidy again

the fish went back in the lake after measuring 


  1. Love the pictures. Seems like you've been quite busy. The boys look so grown up. Time is just flying by. The fish looked pretty good too. Take care !!

  2. Boys sure have grown quite handsomely. Your touch on the borders will be just lovely. I look forward to seeing how they evolve. Enjoy your time!


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