14 July 2018

Facebook no more

Today, I made a decision to remove myself and the Granny's world page from Facebook.  After opening up this morning and seeing all the hate filled posts from a so called friend and all the negativity in general I asked myself "why am I here".  Yes there are aspects of it I will miss but to be honest Instagram serves me much better.  I feel bad about my Granny's World page, I have made some good acquaintances on there, but then, there have been some really random 'page likes' from men that I'm sure have absolutely no interest in knitting and gardening.  That made me feel uncomfortable.  So there you have it I am Facebook free.

So let me show you what I've been knitting.  Both patterns are from Pekapeka patterns and are available free of charge on Ravelry.  The short sleeved one is Puerperium cardigan.  Both are newborn size.

I cast on another last night using the Hundreds cardigan - again Pekapeka, but instead of the little spots I will be doing stripes.  Photos to follow.

So if you were a Granny's World facebook follower and you happen to read my blog or follow me on Instagram, then apologies for not saying goodbye.  If you want to stay in touch then leave a comment and I'll contact you


  1. I am sorry you are leaving FB but your reasons are valid. I will miss your posts and seeing your makes ~ but I can follow your blog and see everything there, after having to get into the routine of looking for your blog posts rather than be spoon fed with them as I was until now. I just love your baby knits you have shared today, especially the one with the heart buttons. The new Mum ought to be very pleased with both garments.

  2. Feel so bad you had that problem on facebook. People sure can be mean. Sometimes I wonder about the world we're in.You are to good a person for that kind of abruse. So sorry!xxoo email me at crumbcat@outlook.com

    1. Thank you Lynne, life is too short to read all the negative rubbish and ads that constantly plague Facebook. Time was it was a good place to catch up with friends, not anymore x

  3. Thank you Pauline, to be honest this last 24 hrs of no Facebook has been great. Very freeing

  4. I'm sorry someone was so mean to you. As soon as it got out about our house fire and the loss of my 4 yr old grandson in it, some random woman we did not know, have never known and now, don't ever want to know verbally attacked my daughter via FB. As if the loss of her youngest son and everything we all owned was not heart breaking enough, this random P.O.S. felt the need to obtain her 15-minutes of fame by destroying my daughter (remember this is the morning after the fire) by ripping her to shreds in FB being a bad mother. She did not know us. She was not there the night of the fire. Unless you have been through something like that, you just do not know. I understand that you are hurt by someone's harsh words - but try to remember that there are soooo many more of us that appreciate you, your works, your kind and helpful words, and hope that you will continue just as you are!!


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