18 August 2018

ditching the dye

For what seems like forever I have been getting my hair dyed.  First it was high/low lights, and then it was roots.  Those roots grew back really fast to the point I was having my hair retouched every 5 weeks.  A bore and a hit to the wallet.  Only once had I tried growing it out and that was when we did our 3 month USA trip in 2004, I hated it and had an appointment booked for the day after our return.  Now 14 years on I have finally decided enough is enough.  I dislike the colour my hair goes after around 2 weeks, always ending up brassy looking especially in the summer, so have taken the plunge and the last time it was colored was May 15th.

this was 7 weeks after last dye, so not so noticable

this was Monday before going to the hairdressers
- 13 weeks after last dye - again not too bad
Because I keep my hair short it should grow out fairly quickly, maybe be 2 more cuts.  It's actually still darkish at the back, most of the grey is at the front, but even that doesn't seem so bad.  I am using a purple shampoo which tones down the yellow and brightens the greys.  Once all the dye is out and depending on how it looks I may go for a few lowlights just to add some interest.

Do you colour your hair?  Are you brave enough to go grey?  When do you decided enough is enough?  There is a group on Instagram @grombre for ladies who dare to go grey.  I am amazed at all the young women who have ditched the dye or in fact are grey at such a young age.  Good luck to them all, they look great


  1. I don't know if you follow Kate Davies, but she has also recently posted about letting her hair go grey. I never have dyed my hair, mostly because I knew I would never be able to keep up with getting it touched up as it grew out.

  2. I have always had my hair Frosted for years. Never liked the color of my original hair color. I only do it twice a year. I actually don't like sitting and having my hair done. I think of all the things I could be doing. Your hair looks good. It's nice and thick. I think it will be just fine when its all gone back to natural.

  3. I went through a coloring phase in my 40s. it was fun but the upkeep too much for me. Now I rather love the greys are coming in.

    You look lovely!

  4. Good for you Sue. I’ve never dyed my hair, made the decision in my 20s and have never regretted it. The best shampoo in my opinion is DaddyO by Lush, I’ve been using it for years!


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