6 August 2018

Knitwear designer of the future?

As previously mentioned Laurie drew me a design of a sweater vest he wants me to knit him. 

I normally try to remember to make all the things they ask for, so carefully tucked away the drawing to bring home.  On Saturday afternoon I took it and some squared paper and coloured pens and had a play with the design.  I tweaked it a tiny bit adding some gaps between each pattern

I used a basic sweater vest pattern, which knits in DK weight and found the required colours in my stash, which was a bit of a result. Size knitted 5-6 years - 26" chest

Sunday afternoon I set too and cast on, and by evening I had got this far.

Today, I've finished the front. The bit I was dreading most, the V neck pattern actually worked out really well and I think once its been blocked to settle the stranded colourwork and the neckband is on it will look ok.  The back will be plain, otherwise it will pull in too much and come up small.

I hope I've not started a new trend, as you can never tell what he will come up with next.  His brother just wants to keep it simple and has asked for a similar vest to the one I knitted the other week.  Fortunately I still have more than enough of the yarn in my stash, love it when I can shift some of the older yarn.  Plus it allows me to go shopping for something more interesting


  1. It looks just like the picture he drew. You did a great job. It fascinates me to the way little ones think. Really interesting. Be fun to see it all done.

  2. Marching up the back so hopefully not too long


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