3 August 2018

Lakeside knitting

Whilst we were in France we took the boys to a nearby lake for a second visit, this time I took along my knitting.  It was a much cooler, quieter day, so I was able to enjoy my knitting and keep an eye on the boys without struggling to spot them amongst all the other kids.

The first photo was very early in the day only a few "Brits" on the beach, the French prefer to turn up later, either that or their kids sleep in!!

one of many "waterworlds" we made
Laurie loved his sweater vest, too hot to get any photos of him in it though.  Rufus has requested one the same and they both want a red and navy one.  Laurie even went as far as to draw me a design of how he wants it to look - I love a challenge.  Still its a good excuse to go yarn shopping as I have no red in my stash that's suitable .........


  1. It looked very tranquil there. I like the beach when there is just a few people around, but here in the summer time the beaches are over crowded. Like what your knitting. Is that for yourself? The toe nail polish looked good. Lynne at crumbcat@outlook.com Take care ! xo

  2. Just a few days ago Bennett drew me a picture of a sweater he would like me to knit for him....and could I have it done tomorrow?

    Isn't it wonderful that that make such requests from us?!

    The beach looks so restful. Happy you had the time with the boys.


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