11 August 2018

That vest.......

I cast off last night. This would have been done sooner but I got into a flurry of jam making.  I do love to make jams.  Do you have a favourite?  I like any of the stoned fruits, they set so quickly and no need to add anything other than fruit and sugar.

The first batch was greengage, these had been lurking in the freezer, already prepped so it was a case of just chucking them in the pan.

The second batch was 6lbs of Pershore plums which I got from an elderly lady in Bluntisham.  She has had a fruit stall out the front of her house for years, she must be in her 90's.  Picks the fruit herself she tells us.

My family will make short work of this little lot. Mind you there are blackberries ready to pick so who knows maybe a batch of blackberry and apple this week too.

............and finally here is Laurie's sweater vest.  Pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I had to pull out the neckband as I fluffed the V, but happier with it now. I really hope he likes it and is how he saw it in his head.  I'll keep you posted, as I will be seeing him next Saturday.

......next up on the needles is a vest for Ru.  He currently just wants one similar to this, I'll probably make a few changes just so his looks a bit different, but keeping the same colours.  I've made some progress on my scarf/shawl and hoping that as the weather has cooled down no end I can get back to the ten stitch blanket.  So as you can see I've plenty to keep me going.


  1. I must admit I had to look up what a greengage is. Love a day when I learn something new to me. Not familiar with those at all. Looks like my peach trees may yield enough fruit for some jam and peach butter.
    I look forward to seeing L in the vest. He will love it!

  2. Your jam looks delicious! The best thing about making jam is looking at it as it sits on the counter top cooling in the jars. Love the vest!

  3. The jam looks yummy. I use to make a lot of jam and jelly. ( beach plum, strawberry, grape, rasberry, etc) i really enjoyed making it.I use to feel like a chemist. Every thing had to be sterilize and measure just so. My mom taught me how to make it years ago. Do still miss her! The sweater came out great. He's gonna be so pleased. It looks just like his drawing. I really like your finishing work. Can't wait to see it.


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