16 August 2018

Works in progress

I have always been a no more than two projects on the go kind of woman.  I can't handle the guilt of knitting hanging about on the needles.  So I'm ashamed to say I have four projects currently on my needles and one in waiting.  In my defence one of them has been put aside due to the recent hot weather.  Who wants to be knitting a blanket when it's boiling?

This is what my knitting corner currently looks like

all my works plus a bag of sweets

my Sunny Sail, I've added a few more rows and its bottom pompom

working on this - sweater vest for Ru

in waiting -
I tried this once before and kept muffing up the lace,
so not to be beaten will be trying again. 
This is a sport weight stonewashed cotton - pretty

Trying out a new to me stitch - honeycomb - look hard but oh so easy. 
Not sure if this will end up as a scarf, cowl or cushion cover!
The cat decided she'd had enough of me knitting so stuck her
paw over the yarns and wouldn't let me have them back

of course
the ten stitch which hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of months
Whats on your needles?  Are you a monogamous knitter, or do you have WIPs? If so how many? Do you finish a garment and then not sew it up? - now this I cannot do, if I've got as far as finishing the knitting then sew it up


  1. I fear I have been a bad influence on you....so many WIPs. I like to have something easy, something small, something challenging or big on the needles at any given time...just so I can work on whatever fits my mood of the moment. I TRY not to start something new unless I am past the halfway marks of all else that is on the needles.
    I love your honeycomb. I have never tried it. Look forward to seeing what it will become.
    Happy Knitting!

  2. Hanging my head in shame over here in Canada. :-)

  3. I like all your Works in progress. I especially like the shawl that you're going to do in the sea green color. My ten stitch afghan is resting, but I'll get back to it eventualy. What I have Currently going is a vest for my youngest granddaughter,a cardigan for my oldest daughter and a pair of socks for my son. That's it! I don't usually have more than three going at a time and like you I have to finish them completely.How did all your jam making come out? take care !!


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