20 September 2018


Socks, I’m making socks. Tiny circulars seem to be working for me and first one is completed, with a wobbly Kitchener stitch finish but I’m sure I’ll perfect it. I’ve even got the second one on the needles so no fear of one sock syndrome this time

19 September 2018

A moment in time

 This afternoon we spent a couple of windy hours at the beach. The perfect antidote after a visit to my mum in her care home. Life is short don’t waste a moment.

That’s all - enjoy life while you are able

11 September 2018


Rouen the capital of Normandy - a place we drive around on our way south to the Chateau - just had to get a plug in here.  We promised ourselves that one day we would stop and visit, so after dropping off the boys at the end of our beach week, two nights in its medieval heart seemed just about perfect.

We based ourselves right between the cathedral and one of the many churches so everything was within easy walking distance. Though if you aren't into walking there is a tourist train that will get you round the medieval city.  We loved all the architecture, stained glass, WW2 bullet holes, it has something for everyone. There was an amazing illuminations on the Cathedral which we watched on Saturday evening - the link takes you a some photos - seems to be a popular event in some of the big cities in France

We stumbled over a huge vide grenier/flea market/brocante which stretched over about 5 streets and along the river bank (appears to be a monthly event) and also an amazing Sunday market - hadn't got my phone as it was on charge back in the hotel - so no photographic evidence. Unfortunately, the weather was dull so the colours of the houses don't show up as well as they would on a sunny day.

So there you have it a selection of views around Rouen, we never did get to walk along the river as the markets somewhat hijacked that trip.  So maybe we will just have to visit again sometime