10 September 2018

Knitting........coming off the needles

As promised here are some of my projects that are finally off the needles. 

I did manage to get a few pictures of Laurie in his "designed himself" sweater vest, not great as he wouldn't stand still, but its a good fit and he was really happy with it.

First up is the Nurmilintu shawl

before blocking

 This actually isn't off the needles yet, but has progressed a bit - Sonnensegel Scarf

Sweater vest for Rufus, bit on the long side so will keep his bottom warm!

Laurie - handsome boy xx

My needles are busy - I'm working on a project for Rebecca which will remain secret until finished.  Peter has asked for a pair of socks - I really need to get over my fear of socks so I said I'd have a go.  I still have Gus' ten stitch to finish.  I've some yarn put to one side to make something for me, I could go on, its a case of have yarn will knit. 

Take care until the next time - which will be all about our visit to Rouen


  1. The knitted shawl is so pretty. I like the vests also. Laurie's vest came out perfect. Great job. Don't be intimidated by sock knitting. I used to be to, but once I started I found it easy. I know you will too! They can be addictive, seriously!! Take care!

  2. If I lived a wee bit closer, I would sit with you and encourage you on with the socks.
    Love seeing L in his vest. Well Done.


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