20 September 2018


Socks, I’m making socks. Tiny circulars seem to be working for me and first one is completed, with a wobbly Kitchener stitch finish but I’m sure I’ll perfect it. I’ve even got the second one on the needles so no fear of one sock syndrome this time


  1. Smart socks there, what yarn are you using? I have been knitting socks toe up for ages now but am feeling the urge to change back to cuff down with a heel flap and gusset. contrast cuff, heels and toes really stretches my hand dyed yarn out and I can get 2 pairs from one precious skein.

  2. They look GREAT!! You are even doing them on circular needle Never done them on circular needle. What length are they? I do mine on double pointed needles. So glad your knitting them!!

  3. Is you model just as handsome from the shin up?
    I am so happy you found a method that worked for you. And a perfect fit!
    Speaking of feet...there's still a set missing in your header photo ;)


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