6 September 2018

Summers end

August is over and all of a sudden autumn is here. The days are getting shorter and the air cooler and there is a real "back to school" feel in the air.  The boys in France went back to school on Monday and Miss J started school today.  Life seems to be racing away.  On the 14th we will have been living here for a year and on the18th, its a year since part of the family "Escaped to the Chateau".  Time flies and before we know it another Christmas will be upon us.  Does time go faster the older you get?

We enjoyed a lovely week with Rachel and the 4 grandchildren on the Normandy coast, hectic, noisy but fun.  We followed this up with four days to ourselves, 2 in Rouen and 2 in Le Touquet before heading back home and falling back into home life.  In the past year we have driven 15,000 miles, and being home seems strange for a few days until we get used to it again. Then before you know it we are back on the road again.  This is the new normal for us whilst we are able and wanted/needed.  Whilst home we are getting the garden back in order after this summer's heatwave.  The new grass area has been reseeded and plants moved around, in the end we only lost two, so not so bad.  I did hold off planting once the heat hit, so now have plenty of gaps to fill. We still have stuff to do on the house, but nothing that won't keep for another day.

Here are some photos from beach week.  I'll share Rouen on another post

Since getting home, we've been blackberry picking and Jess and I made jam. I've been knitting up a storm and will share in another post too. Till the next time


  1. You must often feel like you are busier now that you retired than you were when you were working! It sounds like you've had a wonderful summer with your family. Wonderful pictures!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE every bit of this Post!

  3. What a wonderful and fun time for the two of you. You and the kids look so happy. Like the hair cut. Really nice. The pictures were great! So much love in those picture. Can't wait to see your Knitting.


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