7 October 2018

Back home and its October!

Honestly where does the time go?  No sooner was it September and now October.  Seriously, life really does go quicker the older you get.

We are back from a recent visit to the family in France.  As usual it was a busy 11 days, the weather was glorious apart from one day, so no complaints there.  We achieved lots outside, but then there is a lot of outside to deal with. Went brocanting in the rain.  A Garden show in Le Mans.  The boys and men went truck racing at the race track.

I finished the socks

Helped wallpaper in the Garden Room

 Collected walnuts

Monty learned to swim

Our lovely boys

A selection of Rebecca's dahlias

Cast on another pair of socks

I've cleaned up a brass fender and 2 sets of old taps - I should have taken photos, cooked, cleaned and generally been kept busy.  Most importantly enjoyed being able to help.

We got back on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday was my monthly flower club.  I'm really happy with my arrangement

and with the leftover chrysanthemums I created this arrangement when I got home, with foliage from the garden

Sock progress

Jess and I made a start on this years Christmas cake on Saturday, she loves to bake, we made biscuits too

This weeks Farmers market haul

Little Gus who would eat cereal all day if you let him!

and last but not least Jess asked if Baby Darling could have a new outfit, so she chose her yarn and pattern and I've spent the day knitting

Tomorrow is the dentist and then a relatively quiet week, though I'm sure we will find something to make the week whizz by...... gardening, walking, ironing, shopping, knitting, see lots to do


  1. It looks like you've had a great few weeks! I can't believe how big your grandchildren are now, especially Jess. And I agree about time. It does seem to zoom by at an ever increasing rate.

  2. Flowers, grands, baking, Socks(!), baby darlings outfit and all the rest is simply wonderful. Jess sure is getting quite grown up. And yes, I spotted a favorite vest.

  3. Your socks came out perfect. Are you addicted, yet? You have been quite busy. The grandchildren seem to of sprouted up. Don't you just hate how time creeps by and their not little anymore? Ido enjoy all the stages they go thru. Like the doll's outfit. take good care!


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