11 October 2018

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

As promised I took lots of photos today at the gardens.  The weather turned out better than expected and we had a good walk. I can't actually remember the last time I went round, but I do know the girls were still in primary school.  Such a shame when this is on our doorstep but I find that's usually what happens.  Anyway I'll let you decide if it was worth a visit - be warned there will be lots of photos!

Me in the lake

Osage orange in case you are wondering


  1. So beautiful. Glad you went. Even more glad you took lots of photos.

  2. The photos are really good. There is some flowers Idon't know the names of. Some are so different. Love the dragonfly on your husband's shirt. I liked looking at the pictures! what a wonderful place to visit. Take care!


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