11 October 2018

Good smells in the kitchen

Firstly thank you for the private messages regarding my last post, its appears I'm not the only one to feel the way I do and it also appears its a "woman thing" to feel guilty about not doing something.  So there you have it we are hard wired to beat ourselves up!!

On Tuesday I completed the baking of the Christmas cake, goodness the smell as it was baking.  Peter and I were sat in the garden, its been so beautiful this week, warm and sunny, and the smell coming from the open window was amazing.  Too bad we couldn't have a slice.  This will now sit in the cupboard all wrapped cosy, with the occasional "feed of brandy" until its time to give it a coat of marzipan and the final decoration with the help of Jess.

Talking of good smells, I also made a large carrot cake yesterday, alas not for us.  It will go to a charity bake sale that our daughter is having at work today.

I knitted this for the Chateau.  Each guest room will get a turn down service and a snuggly bottle to make their bed extra cosy.  It was fun and quick project to do.  I managed to get two bottles out of a 100 gram ball and Rebecca sourced these labels to sew on.  I think its a nice touch. Lets hope the guests will too

With the weather turning a touch cooler, especially in the evenings I thought I'd better get on and finish the ten stitch for Gus.  I'm thinking one more round after the one I'm working on.  It will fit his new bed nicely.

Plans for today.  The weather isn't going to be quite so sunny but we are heading into Cambridge to take a look around the Botanic Gardens.  Should be plenty of autumn colours on show. I'll be sure to take photos.

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