1 November 2018

A lesson learned

How often do you start something, realise that you aren't happy with it but plough on regardless?

 This was the case in point for me yesterday.  Jess had asked for a hat with a heart on it.  No problem.  I duly cast on - I'd finished those socks so it was ok - I like to knit hats in the round, no seams.  What I hadn't factored in was that when doing intarsia in the round your yarn ends up in the wrong place.  I googled to see if it was possible, and there are various options but I decided to go with bringing the yarn back and then catching in the floats.  This is where I should have stopped and knit it flat.  But no I ploughed on.  Adding to the problem was that the heart I chose ended up being HUGE, even at that point I carried on.  Stubborn or what? I made the decreases, added the bobble and threw it on the floor.  Went to bed.  This morning I picked it up, showed it to hubby who didn't respond in the normal way - he normally loves the things I make - I knew I'd gone wrong this time.  So an afternoon and evening wasted to end up with this

At least I can selvedge the bobble!

Here are my autumn socks

On a brighter note I have been to Thursday Flower Club this morning. I did struggle a bit with my arrangement (not feeling on top form having been trying to fight off a cold all week), not being keen on very high arrangements, but ended up seeing the merit to it.  Lots of lovely poppy heads and dried alliums, chinese lanterns for a vibrant pop.

This afternoon, do I, start another hat or do the pile of ironing that has my name on it?  Its raining so outside activity is off limits..


  1. I don't know how many times I've done the same as you. Just from being stubborn. Do you think I'd learn from it? No! The socks are lovely. They came out good. The flower arrangement is beautiful. I'd say you have a talent there. Take care!

  2. I am guessing you will be stubborn enough to figure out a plan B and Jess will get her hat with a heart. And it will be lovely.


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