28 November 2018


What a BUSY month.  Looking back through the photos on my phone, we seemed to have done lots this month.  I already shared a few things in earlier posts this month.  So what else have we been up to?  If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen some of these photos already

We went walking -

Wicken Fen on a beautiful sunny day

Godmanchester Nature Reserve

Attended the Remembrance Parade in St Ives

Did a good amount of knitting -

For Gus

For me

Went to France for 12 days, more walking, some gardening, brass cleaning, cooking, jam making, generally helping out and spending time with the boys

And now we are home with just a few days of the month left.  The cat was so pleased to see us, she's not stopped purring yet. 

December looks like being busy too.  I need to get on with Christmas shopping.  I have my monthly flower club next week, along with a wreath making workshop on the Saturday.  A blood donation (had to cancel the last one due to being ill).  Hair appointment and various other things to fit in along the way.  Christmas cake decoration. Family visits and time with friends.

I plan on starting another sweater for myself and maybe another ten stitch, this time for our bedroom. Also a request is in for a man sweater.  A book to finish reading and a pile of others to get into.  Just as well the garden has gone to sleep for the winter and I can legitimately put my feet up and enjoy the long afternoons and evenings.

Take care of yourselves and keep well


  1. You are a very busy beaver. The sweaters came out lovely. Like the one you a made for yourself, very pretty. The days sure seem to get by us. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving ! Happy Holidays !

  2. Every photo worth a second look. Enjoy the ‘down time’.

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