10 December 2018

December days....

We had a great weekend.  Lots achieved.  Time spent with family, what could be better?

Saturday - Rachel and I went to our wreath making workshop.

Lovely squishy moss which we wired onto the base ring. 

needs more colour?

Rachel busy bunching up dried chillies for her wreath, love the concentration

thats better

Sunda - Jess was dropped off after breakfast for a day of tree dressing, cake decoration and some baking.

getting too tall for the kitchen step stool
Sparkly shoes why not?

gold stars again this year

growing up too fast

finished cake

Then the tree



we grew this little tree from seed, the first year its been decorated
wish we had a nicer door to show off the wreath


and that was our weekend.  How was yours? Still looking for a present or thinking about getting away?

Don't forget that winter offer over at Chateau de la Ruche

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  1. Sparkly shoes are a must for all that baking! What a wonderful time you had with all.


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