20 December 2018

More December days......

Since last I wrote we have had a day trip down to London. We decided that now we are retired and don't get to attend a work Christmas party that we'd have a Christmas day out instead.  We walked miles, took in the Christmas lights and enjoyed a lovely dinner before heading home on the train

Of course as usual knitting features large in my life.  I've cast on a man's jumper

Made a Christmas hat for Gus

Worn my snuggly fairisle and also my other cosy jumper 

Tried my hand at Shashiko mending on some of Gus's jeans!

Enjoyed some walking when the weather was good

Visited with friends on Tuesday for a long overdue catch up, my mother yesterday and followed that up with a quick trip to the coast. We've enjoyed a couple of lovely lunches out, this was yesterday's, and that is for one person.........

The wrapping is done, as is most of the shopping, time to relax a bit, so without further ado I'll wish you all a very happy Christmas.  See you in 2019

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  1. Looks like you've been quite busy! Enjoyed the pictures. Really like the Fair Isles Sweater, very pretty. Little Jess is growing up. She looks adorable. I've just about got Xmas done. Tomorrow I'll put Two Apple pies inthe oven and enjoy the rest of the day! everything will be done. You and yours have a wonderful, wonderful Xmas And a fullfilling New Year !! OX


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