30 January 2019

Chilly Wednesday

Its jolly cold here today.  Not as cold as some places, but cold enough for me.  We had a dusting of snow again last night, not much but it did freeze so the paths when we ventured out on our walk were slippery.  We went along to the RSPB Fen Drayton reserve today, we've not walked that way since we moved here. This was a regular walk for us.  Its not changed much but it was good to walk where there is no traffic apart from the guided busway and the odd bicycle.  I collected some pussy willow to put in with my daffodils, once they have opened I'll take some photos.

My Ellen cardigan now has all the bands completed, and I am halfway down the first sleeve.  I need to get buttons, my black button jar only yields 7 of the same and I need 9, so I must remember when next in town to get some. I love going through my buttons there is something very satisfying about sorting them out.

Working on my plan to clear stash, I have cast on a draught excluder. I just fancied knitting something I didn't need to think about and it will also hopefully eliminate the chill from the hall.  I went looking for curtains for the hall yesterday.  Having looked online I found some I liked in Dunelm and as we have a store nearby decided to call in enroute to the garden centre.  Needless to say that was a wasted journey.  I required a pencil pleat heading and they only stock mainly eyelet headed curtains, when I enquired of the assistant the reason she just pointed me to their website saying well at least you can see the fabric, not really the point, and shops wonder why we all buy online these days.  I now have to wait the 3-5 days shipping as click and collect and express shipping weren't available. Ahh well, I'm sure they will be worth the wait!

28 January 2019

Slipping by......

Another Monday has come around again.  The weeks go so fast, can you believe we are nearly at the end of January.  Where did that go?  We've been doing plenty of walking, trying to get out most days.  We bought new walking boots and they are proving comfortable, no blisters or sore points so that can only be good.  The weather has stayed fairly reasonable, alternating sunny and dull days.  Cold yes, and if the forecast is to be believed then snow tomorrow at some point.  We did get a dusting last week but it was very short lived.  

Signs of spring are popping up.  These lovely snowdrops and aconites were spotted yesterday in Houghton.  I noticed new growth on the rose bushes in the garden and there are plenty of weeds rearing their heads.  A job for a warmer day me thinks.

Another walk took us around Hemingford Abbots common, a cold and frosty walk but such a beautiful day.  We are lucky to have some fairly good walks and public footpaths - we tried some new ones to us, around the village today.

Knitting has been going well.  I finished the socks.  I have decided that I will make a pair each month, thus using up some of my stash and improving my skill, I'm still not happy with the grafting and I've not yet tried toe up or an after thought heel?!  I spent Saturday afternoon sorting stash and patterns.  I have a bag of patterns to take to my knitting group and have given myself a stern talking too regards the amount of yarn I currently have.  I am going to try and knit only from stash this year, wish me luck as everyday Instagram tempts me!  My Ellen cardigan is working up well, this is all from stash, some of which I've had for at least 5 years.  I'm actually further along than this photo, having worked the bottom fair isle and am now nearly done with the ribbing.  Next job, before the sleeves, are the edgings.  I hate picking up, so thought I'd get it out of the way first.  No risk of me putting it to one side then.

The hyacinths have put a spurt on and are filling the house with their fragrance.  I have some in the lounge as well as the kitchen.  Such a vibrant colour.  I bought 3 bunches of daffodils this morning from the market, currently in bud but it won't be long before they break out and give us a jug of cheer.  I also bought a few plants for a large pot I have in the garden. I need to pop to the garden centre tomorrow (any excuse) for some more compost and I'll take some photos once its planted up.  I'm hoping for some extra colour on the patio.  The garden is still a work in progress.  I'm itching to see how plants I moved last year have fared.  I know the camellia won't flower this year but at least its still alive. I did wonder as we had such a long hot summer and conditions were not ideal for it, hopefully with some tlc I can see some blooms next year.  Ditto with the rhododendron, though there may be a few tiny flowering buds, only time will tell

 Until the next time, stay warm and well

19 January 2019


Midway through January.  The skies are grey and miserable. I have the fidgets even though I've only been back in the house for just under 2 hours.  I've had a quick peruse of the Saturday papers, always a bit pointless when you read online, though its supplements day, so plenty of paper to start the wood burner! Plus there is the TV guide for the week, all those programmes I won't watch.

It really has been an up and down week weather wise.  Thursday was a beautiful day, you know the kind of day you are glad to be alive.  We took ourselves off for a walk around Grafham Water.  The water levels are really down, there isn't meant to be a "beach" normally the water is up against the bank all the way around. This doesn't bode well for the summer if we get another like last year.

Yesterday was another cold grey day, we had Gus, who whilst better than Wednesday, still wasn't on top form.  Wanted nothing from me, so I spent the day knitting, whilst Pops ran around trying the entertain him - No Pops do it!!

I started a new project having abandoned the ten stitch as I didn't like how it was working up.  I think I actually enjoyed winding up the yarn more than I did knitting it.  I still have the second sock to finish but as I said started a new project - another Ellen cardigan for me

I picked up some hyacinths from Aldi on Thursday and planted them up in a old jelly mould.  No idea how old this one is but it used to belong to Peter's granny.  She was 91 when she died and that was about 34 years ago, so fairly old.  I also have some old glass ones too which survived the cull when we moved, they make great containers

Yesterday I also got a parking fine from the Dolphin hotel car park where I go for my knitting group, alleging that I hadn't paid - I did.  Popped in today for a chat with the reception staff and was told they would add it to the pile to be dealt with - think they have issues with the new company dealing with their car park.  I shall await a call or a response from the collection company who I appealed to.  Not best pleased just think of the yarn I could buy with £60.

Tomorrow looks to be sunny so hopefully we will get out for another mood-lifting walk, either that for I may just damage someone.

Have a good weekend

16 January 2019

Rainy day, poorly boy

Being retired means you mostly have time to drop your plans (we had none today) and step in when needed to help out.  Little Gus is poorly, high temperature and listless, stuffy nose and sore throat, in other words not a happy chap.

We've had an up and down sort of day. Amazing the effects of a dose of Calpol - duplo, playdough and painting - then comes the crash.  Of course sleep is good, I did manage to get part of a second dose down him after his nap and he is currently sat with Pops watching TV and giggling.  Its always sad to see them when they aren't well.  Lets hope he picks up soon.

Snugged up under his "granny blanket"

Yesterday was our 42nd wedding anniversary.  The years go so fast it really is shocking.  We didn't do a great deal as I had an appointment at the eye clinic, we then went and did a shop and visited the in-laws.

My current WIPs, one sock done and the ten stitch started

I made use of my "stay at home" day - I've sorted out all my dry goods drawers, refilled the herbs and spices and thrown out the out of date items.  Crazy how many odds and ends are lurking in the back of the drawers! We had hoped to get out for a walk but unfortunately by the time Gus woke we had freezing cold rain and its now set in for the rest of the day.  We'll just stay snugged up by the fire and watch the rain.  I hope your day is going well wherever you are.  Keep warm and healthy

12 January 2019

Good morning Saturday

A quick post as we await the arrival of the youngest grandchildren who are coming for a sleepover today.  Their parents are off for a day in London and some child free hours.

The last couple of days has seen me knitting up a storm.  The sweater is finished and I'm well into Peter's socks.  I have yarn put aside for the ten stitch, so my days are mapped out.

Right they've arrived so I'd best be off.  Fingers crossed for a layin!!!

10 January 2019

2019 - Hello

I'm a bit late in wishing you a happy new year but we were in France until Monday and I had no time for blogging.  Mending - yes, gardening - yes and a trip to Paris,  Yes, Paris.  Its just an hour away from Le Mans by train so super easy to visit.  This was a first for Peter and I, and Rebecca and family gave us a whistle stop tour of most of the major sites.  We walked miles and saw loads and it was SO cold. We will go back in the warmer weather to enjoy the river and gardens,  Here are some of the photos I took throughout the day

Luxembourg Gardens

Pantheon Paris


Notre Dame

English bookshop

Notre Dame


Sacre Coeur

Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysees

The Eiffel Tower is never far from any of the views, peaking up in the back of photographs but we decided to leave our visit til dark so we could see it lit up, it was worth the wait. The walk up to Sacre Coeur nearly did me in, so many steps - 270, but the view was worth it, coming down was a piece of cake!!

That was the first week of this new year.  Now we are home we are getting to grips with the quiet and slower pace to the day.  Not many plans for this year as yet apart from the usual.  I have plenty to knitting and books to me occupied and there is always walking should the mood take us.

I don't make resolutions, easy made, easy broken, but I do want to try and master crochet this year.  Last year was socks and I managed that, in fact have a new pair on the needles.  Today I have pulled apart a cardigan I made a few year back, I was never happy with it so why not reuse the yarn,  especially as there is 400 grams of it.  I'm nearly done with the sweater for Dale, just the neck and sew it up.  I then need to decide what next to make.  I do have yarn aside for another cardigan for me, and I do want to make a ten stitch for our bedroom and to be honest I think I have enough yarn in my stash to make one.  I really want to shift some stash this year, some of its been around far too long.

So there you have it, up to date.  Maybe I will try to blog more often, especially as we have a new laptop and it won't be so painful to make a post.  Until then bye for now