30 January 2019

Chilly Wednesday

Its jolly cold here today.  Not as cold as some places, but cold enough for me.  We had a dusting of snow again last night, not much but it did freeze so the paths when we ventured out on our walk were slippery.  We went along to the RSPB Fen Drayton reserve today, we've not walked that way since we moved here. This was a regular walk for us.  Its not changed much but it was good to walk where there is no traffic apart from the guided busway and the odd bicycle.  I collected some pussy willow to put in with my daffodils, once they have opened I'll take some photos.

My Ellen cardigan now has all the bands completed, and I am halfway down the first sleeve.  I need to get buttons, my black button jar only yields 7 of the same and I need 9, so I must remember when next in town to get some. I love going through my buttons there is something very satisfying about sorting them out.

Working on my plan to clear stash, I have cast on a draught excluder. I just fancied knitting something I didn't need to think about and it will also hopefully eliminate the chill from the hall.  I went looking for curtains for the hall yesterday.  Having looked online I found some I liked in Dunelm and as we have a store nearby decided to call in enroute to the garden centre.  Needless to say that was a wasted journey.  I required a pencil pleat heading and they only stock mainly eyelet headed curtains, when I enquired of the assistant the reason she just pointed me to their website saying well at least you can see the fabric, not really the point, and shops wonder why we all buy online these days.  I now have to wait the 3-5 days shipping as click and collect and express shipping weren't available. Ahh well, I'm sure they will be worth the wait!

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  1. Like the way the sweater is coming along. We're having a very cold spell here through friday afternoon. the weather report said wind chill about 20 or more below zero. I think that's a little to cold. Also liked the photos!


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