16 January 2019

Rainy day, poorly boy

Being retired means you mostly have time to drop your plans (we had none today) and step in when needed to help out.  Little Gus is poorly, high temperature and listless, stuffy nose and sore throat, in other words not a happy chap.

We've had an up and down sort of day. Amazing the effects of a dose of Calpol - duplo, playdough and painting - then comes the crash.  Of course sleep is good, I did manage to get part of a second dose down him after his nap and he is currently sat with Pops watching TV and giggling.  Its always sad to see them when they aren't well.  Lets hope he picks up soon.

Snugged up under his "granny blanket"

Yesterday was our 42nd wedding anniversary.  The years go so fast it really is shocking.  We didn't do a great deal as I had an appointment at the eye clinic, we then went and did a shop and visited the in-laws.

My current WIPs, one sock done and the ten stitch started

I made use of my "stay at home" day - I've sorted out all my dry goods drawers, refilled the herbs and spices and thrown out the out of date items.  Crazy how many odds and ends are lurking in the back of the drawers! We had hoped to get out for a walk but unfortunately by the time Gus woke we had freezing cold rain and its now set in for the rest of the day.  We'll just stay snugged up by the fire and watch the rain.  I hope your day is going well wherever you are.  Keep warm and healthy

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  1. Poor Gus. Hope he's on the mend. Nice to have the time to help when needed.
    A Well loved blanket can solve a lot.


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