19 January 2019


Midway through January.  The skies are grey and miserable. I have the fidgets even though I've only been back in the house for just under 2 hours.  I've had a quick peruse of the Saturday papers, always a bit pointless when you read online, though its supplements day, so plenty of paper to start the wood burner! Plus there is the TV guide for the week, all those programmes I won't watch.

It really has been an up and down week weather wise.  Thursday was a beautiful day, you know the kind of day you are glad to be alive.  We took ourselves off for a walk around Grafham Water.  The water levels are really down, there isn't meant to be a "beach" normally the water is up against the bank all the way around. This doesn't bode well for the summer if we get another like last year.

Yesterday was another cold grey day, we had Gus, who whilst better than Wednesday, still wasn't on top form.  Wanted nothing from me, so I spent the day knitting, whilst Pops ran around trying the entertain him - No Pops do it!!

I started a new project having abandoned the ten stitch as I didn't like how it was working up.  I think I actually enjoyed winding up the yarn more than I did knitting it.  I still have the second sock to finish but as I said started a new project - another Ellen cardigan for me

I picked up some hyacinths from Aldi on Thursday and planted them up in a old jelly mould.  No idea how old this one is but it used to belong to Peter's granny.  She was 91 when she died and that was about 34 years ago, so fairly old.  I also have some old glass ones too which survived the cull when we moved, they make great containers

Yesterday I also got a parking fine from the Dolphin hotel car park where I go for my knitting group, alleging that I hadn't paid - I did.  Popped in today for a chat with the reception staff and was told they would add it to the pile to be dealt with - think they have issues with the new company dealing with their car park.  I shall await a call or a response from the collection company who I appealed to.  Not best pleased just think of the yarn I could buy with £60.

Tomorrow looks to be sunny so hopefully we will get out for another mood-lifting walk, either that for I may just damage someone.

Have a good weekend

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  1. The photos were interesting. Are you having less rain than you usually do? Is that why the water is lower than usual? Ireally like the sweater pattern . Where can I find the directions for it. I use to knit pattern sweaters all the time, especially when my children were little. Totally like your Blog! take care!


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