28 January 2019

Slipping by......

Another Monday has come around again.  The weeks go so fast, can you believe we are nearly at the end of January.  Where did that go?  We've been doing plenty of walking, trying to get out most days.  We bought new walking boots and they are proving comfortable, no blisters or sore points so that can only be good.  The weather has stayed fairly reasonable, alternating sunny and dull days.  Cold yes, and if the forecast is to be believed then snow tomorrow at some point.  We did get a dusting last week but it was very short lived.  

Signs of spring are popping up.  These lovely snowdrops and aconites were spotted yesterday in Houghton.  I noticed new growth on the rose bushes in the garden and there are plenty of weeds rearing their heads.  A job for a warmer day me thinks.

Another walk took us around Hemingford Abbots common, a cold and frosty walk but such a beautiful day.  We are lucky to have some fairly good walks and public footpaths - we tried some new ones to us, around the village today.

Knitting has been going well.  I finished the socks.  I have decided that I will make a pair each month, thus using up some of my stash and improving my skill, I'm still not happy with the grafting and I've not yet tried toe up or an after thought heel?!  I spent Saturday afternoon sorting stash and patterns.  I have a bag of patterns to take to my knitting group and have given myself a stern talking too regards the amount of yarn I currently have.  I am going to try and knit only from stash this year, wish me luck as everyday Instagram tempts me!  My Ellen cardigan is working up well, this is all from stash, some of which I've had for at least 5 years.  I'm actually further along than this photo, having worked the bottom fair isle and am now nearly done with the ribbing.  Next job, before the sleeves, are the edgings.  I hate picking up, so thought I'd get it out of the way first.  No risk of me putting it to one side then.

The hyacinths have put a spurt on and are filling the house with their fragrance.  I have some in the lounge as well as the kitchen.  Such a vibrant colour.  I bought 3 bunches of daffodils this morning from the market, currently in bud but it won't be long before they break out and give us a jug of cheer.  I also bought a few plants for a large pot I have in the garden. I need to pop to the garden centre tomorrow (any excuse) for some more compost and I'll take some photos once its planted up.  I'm hoping for some extra colour on the patio.  The garden is still a work in progress.  I'm itching to see how plants I moved last year have fared.  I know the camellia won't flower this year but at least its still alive. I did wonder as we had such a long hot summer and conditions were not ideal for it, hopefully with some tlc I can see some blooms next year.  Ditto with the rhododendron, though there may be a few tiny flowering buds, only time will tell

 Until the next time, stay warm and well

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  1. I am always amazed...actually envious would be a better term...at how your spring comes so much sooner than mine. No sign of anything popping through the frozen ground here.

    Cheering you on for that knitting from stash goal!


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