15 February 2019

Change of plan

Welcome to a beautiful sunny and frosty morning.  We really are having some wonderful weather right now, long may it last, though a look at the forecast gives cloud for tomorrow.  But then when you are retired everyday is a weekend.

The play was very good, dramatic and cleverly set, though the guy sitting behind us, didn't get it.  We have another theatre trip next week to see The Comedy about a bank robbery, these tickets were a Christmas present from our youngest daughter and her family. We are really look forward to it.

Those change of plans, as I said the other day our plan was to visit RHS Hyde Hall yesterday for my birthday, but when we checked our route the main way to go was closed due to a serious accident, plus another in the queue and also another on the diversion route!!  So we decided to play safe and go to Anglesey Abbey to see the snowdrops, well so be everyone else.  We arrived at around 11am and ended in the overflow car park and by the time we left the second overflow was open. With it being such a lovely day people had turned out in their droves.  Here are a few photos.  OK so a bit more than a few...…..

We spent the afternoon in the garden with a late lunch, a glass of wine and my knitting, the sun was so lovely, I ended up with a pink face, in February.  All in all a good day and Hyde Hall will be a trip for another day

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  1. I try so very hard not to be a jealous person....failing right now at the sight of spring flowers.
    So glad you enjoyed your day despite the detours.


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