1 February 2019


February 1st - We woke to another dusting of snow this morning.  All gone now as it was just the wet stuff and not too cold out.  I just popped out to the village shop for bread and it didn't feel too bad.  Its dull but I have some beautiful daffodils to brighten up the house

These below arrived this morning along with our two poorly littlies, we had them yesterday too.  Both have throat infections but are definitely on the mend.  We may do a bit of baking later if they feel up to it. They are currently snugged up on the sofa watching tv with Pops. The daffodil buds should be out just as the other go over thus prolonging the bright spots.

My draught excluder is coming along.  Much to my surprise my hall curtains arrived yesterday, so not the 3-5 days delivery after all, that was a bonus.  Peter put the track up and I pressed and hung them.  Whilst making the hallway darker, I hoping they will keep the hall a bit warmer.

The excluder is about halfway along and I'm enjoying making up the pattern and using up some of the chunky stash.  Not sure how I will finish the ends, I may draw them up and add a pompom or I may flat seam one end and finish the other with buttons.  I'll see how I feel when I get to that point.

Right time for coffee and a few more rows of knitting.  Stay warm x

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  1. Daffodils make everything better. Especially the cold.


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