7 February 2019

Wired .........

No, I've not been drinking lots of coffee, today was the first monthly Thursday Flower Club of 2019, and we learnt how to wire flowers.  I'm not sure if it will be something I would do that often, as its a terrible waste of blooms but its good to know how to and to appreciate the work involved.  Its very time consuming.

 I have placed this on my kitchen windowsill in the hopes that it will dry out naturally, so that I am able to then keep it, I know the leaves will shrivel but I'm hoping the wire will keep them straight.  Only time will tell.

This week I shared on Instagram a new read and the yarn I plan to use for February's socks - yet to be cast on

I started this book on Tuesday morning, went to knitting group in the afternoon where I worked on my cardigan sleeve.  My knitting has not been out of the bag since, every spare minute has been spent reading.  The book is now finished and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I cannot remember the last time I picked up a book and just read.  It will now head out to France on our next visit, for our daughter to read.  Though I have a feeling she won't be picking it up anytime soon, due to the amount of guests booked in.  All to the good, guests mean more in the coffers for the next stage of renovations.

Dinner tonight has been cooked by Peter, third night this week he's done dinner.  I'm being spoiled.  He's even said he has plans for tomorrow nights so who am I to complain.  More knitting/reading time for me.

Now to decide what to read next. I have a pile of titles that we received for Christmas so plenty to choose from, though some of Peter's might not be my cup of tea.

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