30 March 2019


Audrey 2002-2019  

Yesterday I took Audrey for what turned out to be her final visit to the vet.  I'll spare you the details of her final few hours but the vets consensus was that she had a brain tumour.  Nothing to be done but to say goodbye.  It never gets easy. I always seem to be the one that goes on this final journey with our pets, and there have been a number over the years.  

This is the first time in my life that I don't have a pet.  A strange feeling.  Will we get another? I don't think so, well not yet anyway. With our life currently spent back and forth to France, it wouldn't be fair on a young cat, and the cost of kennels makes for an expensive trip.  Audrey was used to our comings and going in the last couple of years, looked after with frequent visits by our daughter and grandchildren or the occasional stay at the kennels when they came with us, content to sleep her days away, never leaving the garden.

We will miss your grumpy face, your poking when we sit in your spot on the sofa, the constant ask for food, the hair on every dark item of clothing, the puddles on the carpet!! But most of all we will miss you just being there. Goodbye old friend.  

Her spot on the sofa

always interested in knitting

what do you mean diet?

Not fussy where she slept at times



  1. It was a pleasure to have met you Audrey. Happy you brought you humans such joy.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Very beautiful cat. Their company is so wonderful and they don't ask for much. Just some food and a warm house and a loving pat. Hurts so much when their gone.


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