22 March 2019

Can you drive?

I've had a tidy in my craft cupboard today and unearthed my big camera.  Since having my iPhone its been resigned to the cupboard.  A shame really as it takes lovely photos, its just that the phone is always there.  Anyway I charged up the batteries and its now ready for an outing.  I did take a walk around the garden for a few practice shots.  I do like the background defocus on these shots

These were taken on my phone yesterday, its still pretty good for something that's in your hand

So to the title of this post.  At 5pm our daughter called to say she was stuck in traffic and would be late picking up Gus, I offered to run him home rather than he be late for dinner.  I collected up his stuff, put his seat in the car, strapped him in and went to get into the driving seat.  He looked at me and said "Granny can you drive?" (I don't drive that much these days with Peter about, he usually does all the driving), to which I said "What do you think?" and he said "No, get Pops".  He's not yet three and he is questioning my ability to drive him home!  Out of the mouths of babes.

No plans for the weekend as yet.  I may go and get plants, or I may just sit in the garden (its supposed to be nice) and do my knitting, or I could start sorting out the outside store space and then paint the gate, I've had the paint for at least 9 months...….  whatever you are up to have fun

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