18 March 2019

Happy Mondays

Like most Brits, we check the weather forecast on a daily basis.  Yesterday told us that today, Monday, was going to be lovely.  After days of high winds and hail it would be a refreshing change.  We toyed with the idea of going to the coast and when we both woke at 6am (????!) we just got up, dressed and headed out the door - didn't even make the bed or stop for coffee.

8.30am found us walking along Old Hunstanton beach, bliss, hardly anyone about at this point.  In fact because its a Monday in mid March not many places were open and that included most of the public loos.  Anyway, we headed into Hunstanton in search of breakfast.  45 minutes later we were suitably sated - full English breakfast and coffee under our belts we headed back along the beach.  More people about now, its a perfect place, so much space when the tide is out and the skies are so big across the Wash and marshes.  Check out some of my photos - the sea is out there on the horizon

We got back to our car at around 1:45 and decided to head up along the coast road to visit Sheringham before heading home. We popped into the Cley Smokehouse on the way for some fish.  I know we will enjoy that.  The beach and sea at Sheringham is so different, being directly onto the North Sea rather than the protection of the Wash, the sea looked like this, so invigorating.

All in all a great day out.  We did hit some rain on the way home but by then it didn't spoil the day.  I honestly don't think I could live anywhere that I couldn't get to the sea easily.  Just under 2 hours from home that's not too shabby


  1. That is precisely how one does retirement! Wonderful post.

  2. Love this post, what beautiful views! Somebirdy had a real feast of razor clams, what a lot of shells!! It’s more cockles and whelks round here (south Pembs.)


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