21 March 2019

Off the needles

Good morning Thursday.  I wake today with nothing on the needles. The March socks are finished as is the Hine top for Jess.  What to do next.  I'm thinking along the lines of a lighter weight cardigan.  I had started a sweater for me a few weeks ago but then decided there was little point as I'd get no wear this year now.  So a cardigan it will be, layers is best.  I think I'll use the Sirdar Harrup Tweed still and work a bit of colour in around the bottom and cuffs.  I need to wade through my patterns to find something that appeals..

Whats this below? 

We picked up this tandem yesterday from a friend who is having a clear out. Its destined for France, something for guests to use.  We did try it out, but I must admit it would take some getting used to, finding the balance and trusting the person that's up front.  Who knew we start off cycle riding on different sides, me right, him left.  As I say its off to the Chateau, along with a boat that we have to pick up from an uncle.  Yes, it looks like we will have another laden trip, just as well we bought their trailer back with us.

Plans for today - looks like I'll be weeding the front garden and having a general tidy up.  I'm seeing plenty of empty spots around the borders so I may go plant shopping too.  Have a great day


  1. The bike looks like fun. It must take some time to get use to. Socks look nice. The top is adorable. like the variegated color, bet she will look good in it. Have a safe trip to France.

  2. I would love to see a video of you and Peter tying out that bike.


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